dakota access pipeline

As a child, singer Bethany Yarrow was surrounded by a family of activists who loved folk music. That's because her father is Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary. As an adult, her musical tastes drifted to other genres, but eventually, she went back to her roots and was inspired by how folk music can convey important messages.

She and her partner, cellist Rufus Capadoccia, have performed and participated in demonstrations all over the world in support of causes like the environmental movement, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and more.

Yarrow is in town for a performance in the Finger Lakes, but first, she's our guest on Connections. We talk to her about her activism and music with meaning.

President Trump has given the green light for two major pipeline projects: Keystone and the Dakota Access Pipeline.

At the White House, Trump said he hasn't heard one complaint or received one dissenting phone call. Our guests discuss the challenge of protesting a project when the president claims their voices don't exist. In studio: