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James Brown

The Rochester City School Board adopted a budget Thursday night for the upcoming school year. The plan was designed to bridge an $87 million budget gap. It passed by a 6-1 vote with Commissioner Beatriz LeBron voting no. 

The plan cuts more than 300 teaching and staffing positions, and closes five elementary schools. One of those school will be converted into a Pre-K center and another into a middle school, among numerous other changes.

Emily Hunt / for WXXI News

The Rochester Board of Education has voted in favor of Superintendent Terry Dade’s proposal to revamp the City School District’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten program

After a spirited debate Thursday night, commissioners Ricardo Adams, Willa Powell, Natalie Sheppard, Amy Maloy and Board President Van White voted for the proposal. Beatriz LeBron and Cynthia Elliott voted against it.

James Brown / WXXI

Rochester schools Superintendent Terry Dade wants to reconfigure parts of the district. That would include creating two new prekindergarten programs. 

Dade said that 3 out of 4 kids who go to the district’s pre-K program stay in the district, but only half of the students in community-based pre-Ks stay. Many of those kids leave for charter schools, which the district pays for, or private institutions, said Dade.