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The U.S. Attorney’s office says that seven people have been charged as part of a drug trafficking operation in the Rochester area.

And authorities say that ongoing investigation and the attempt to execute a search warrant is related to the incident on Burbank Street in Rochester on Monday where police shot and wounded  two men.

The U.S. Attorney’s office says the alleged drug dealers were involved in transporting and selling cocaine as well as being involved in violence that was part of the drug trade.

Trauma care has improved tremendously, which means we're seeing fewer deaths from gunshot wounds. The roots of progress trace back to Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004, and are now seen on the streets of Rochester. That means gun violence results in fewer deaths; it doesn't mean that guns are not a deadly problem. But the advances have produced remarkable and life-saving changes, and we examine how it has happened. Our guests:

We look at murder confessions, false or otherwise, after the recent report from WROC-TV that a convicted murderer in Attica State Prison is now saying he also killed someone else. Angel Carrasquillo now says he committed a 2001 murder in Rochester -- a murder for which a man named Jose Torres was convicted. Prosecutors say Torres was convicted because he confessed to the crime. Torres says it was a false confession, made when he was drunk, and now he wants to go home to his family. Carrasquillo says he has nothing to gain by stepping forward to confess to the crime. So what will prosecutors do now? And why would someone falsely confess to murder? Our panel will discuss this case and the broader issues related to it. 

  • Rachel Barnhart, WROC-TV anchor and reporter who broke the story
  • Matthew Hagen, attorney for Jose Torres
  • David Abbatoy, also an attorney

You might not have known it was there, but the Monroe County Crime Analysis Center has been operating out of the Rochester Public Safety Building since 2007.

The idea behind crime analysis is that you hire several people and put them in a room with access to all sorts of resources to help investigators. They have DMV records, gang information, Facebook profiles, all at their fingertips. They are able to analyze crime patterns and identify high-risk situations.

Mayor Lovely Warren and Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli released crime statistics for last year. According to the report, part one crime (the category for major crimes) are at their lowest levels in 25 years.

The RPD is reporting the lowest violent crime levels in 10 years. Robbery,assault, property crime, burgalery, and larsonary are all at 25-year-lows.

Chief Ciminelli says to date, their homicide clearance rate is at 84 percent.

"Dismantling Rochester's Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline"

Jun 13, 2013

Children advocates are coming together Thursday to discuss ways to protect Rochester's youth from a life of crime. 

The Children's Defense Fund of New York and the Children's Agenda are hosting the discussion being held at the Thomas P. Ryan Center on Webster Avenue from 3pm-5pm.

Husband Charged in Attack on City Councilwoman

Apr 30, 2012

Rochester Police have charged the husband of Rochester city councilwoman Loretta Scott with assault for attacking her at their home on Friday.

Police say Scott suffered minor cuts from a knife to her hands and shoulder. According to court documents, Scott says her husband, Tim Scott, pinned her to the floor while holding a butcher knife over her and threatening to kill her.

Loretta Scott also says her husband tried choking her with his hands. And then put a garden hose with running water in her mouth. She received treatment for those injuries at a local clinic.

According to a new report by Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, more than 2,000  children in New York were abused or neglected in 2010.

Monroe County's District Attorney Sandra Doorley says more than 200 children were abused every day during that year around the state but in Monroe County, thousands of cases go undocumented. She adds, most abused children grow up to become abusers themselves.

“77,000  children are abused every year. 77,000...that’s enough to fill Madison Square Garden three times over,” says Doorley.

Students and community members are rallying in downtown Rochester Friday afternoon to honor the life of a young man known as an “ambassador for change.”

The Monroe Community College student government is joining with the Center for Teen Empowerment to celebrate the life of Lawrence Richardson. The 22-year-old was murdered earlier this month.

RPD Reports Increased Number of Shooting Incidents

Jan 5, 2012
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The number of shootings in the city has spiked over the past two months according to data released by the Rochester Police Department.

The report shows there have been 31 shooting incidents since November 1st, and 14 since Christmas. That’s nearly double the number of shootings over the same period the previous year.