craft brewing

Journalist James Fallows recently toured America in a single-engine plane. One of the results of the trip is a list titled, "11 Signs a City Will Succeed." The article is sparking conversation about whether Rochester fits the definition of a city that will succeed.

So, what are the criteria? The list includes, "You can pick out who makes the town go," "They have a downtown," "People know the civic story," and "They have craft breweries." Yes, that last one is serious.

Our panel debates how Rochester fares, based on the criteria. Our guests:


Walk into a beer brewing class these days and it’s hardly the “all boys club” it once was. Scattered throughout the audience of men, you’ll find women with eyes focused up front and pens in hand.

Cornell University’s Brewing Science and Technology workshop was back by popular demand. The full day course, held at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva last week, was at full capacity with more than 80 registered students.  Professor Karl Siebert prepared a packed agenda including lessons on barley and malt, hops, brewhouse operations and beer styles.

The craft beer scene is alive and well in Rochester and the Finger Lakes. We talk with folks involved with craft brewing including: Alex Bielecki, owner of AJ's Beer Warehouse; Dave Schlosser, owner of Naked Dove Brewing; Mark Tichenor, author of a forthcoming book on the WNY beer scene; and Joe McBane, owner of Tap & Mallet.