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We're joined by the co-leaders of the Finger Lakes Vaccine Task Force. They discuss the state of vaccine supply and distribution, and what you need to know when it's your turn to schedule an appointment. They also discuss how they are working to ensure access to the vaccine is equitable.

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The Cinema Theater in Rochester announced Thursday that it is closing its doors...at least for now. Movie theaters across the country are navigating restrictions, including films being streamed on digital platforms, rather than screened in brick-and-mortar spaces. What does it mean for the future of movie theaters?

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Khristopher Brooks and his wife, Deprina Godboldo, moved into their new apartment in New Rochelle, New York  last March, just as the city was declared one of the state’s first COVID-19 hotspots.

That same month, the Manhattan newsroom where Brooks worked five days a week was shut down. He hasn't been back to the building since. 

"My job doesn't foresee us coming back to our newsroom for most of 2021," said Brooks, a business reporter and editor for CBS News.

Zoom conference still

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, Tia Nelis of TASH, a national advocacy organization for disability inclusion, has been the facilitator of a weekly, sometimes international, video call among people with disabilities.

As part of this week's Dialogue on Disability, WXXI’s Noelle Evans talked to Nelis about the significance of those calls during a confusing and often fearful time. Below is a transcript of their conversation, edited for time and clarity. 

Tia Nelis, TASH self-advocate: