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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Monroe County public health department reported four more deaths from COVID-19 on Friday, bringing the total to 14.

The county also confirmed 46 new cases of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Three are in people under 20 years old, and three are in people who are at least 80.

Monroe County now has 436 confirmed coronavirus cases. More than 700 people were in mandatory quarantine or isolation.

More than 100 people had recovered from COVID-19 after being placed in isolation in the county.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The death toll from COVID-19 reached double digits in Monroe County on Thursday.

The county public health department reported the tenth death from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

The 31 new cases of the virus confirmed Thursday include four people in their 20s and three people in their 90s, according to figures from the health department.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Monroe County health department said Sunday that a sixth person had died of COVID-19 in the county as 21 new cases were confirmed over the last 24 hours.

Five of those new cases are in people in their 20s.

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As the death toll from COVID-19 climbs in Monroe County -- three people have died since Monday, but officials say the rate is likely to accelerate as the disease spreads -- local doctors have begun to understand more about how to treat patients who develop severe symptoms.

The virus that causes the disease is only about 4 months old, and any hands-on experience treating it locally has only developed over the last two weeks since the first case was identified in Monroe County.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Monroe County health department reported the second local death from COVID-19 on Monday morning.

The patient died at Unity Hospital, the health department said.

The Monroe County health department announced that a patient at Rochester General Hospital has died from COVID-19.

The is the first known local death caused by the coronavirus.

Veronica Chiesi Brown, a spokesperson for Rochester Regional Health, said the patient was an employee at Rochester General Hospital. The company described him as a 54-year-old man with "multiple, serious underlying conditions" including hypertension, liver disease and tobacco use.