When you receive a text message or a phone call, what is the expected time frame that you have to respond? What about an email – personal versus professional? Does it matter what your relationship is to the person who sent those messages?

We have a conversation about the changing communication norms and social etiquette when it comes to digital technology.  Our guests share their perspectives and their advice. In studio:

  • Rashad Smith, project manager for "Shaping Our Stories" with Causewave Community Partners
  • Ana Gomez-Parga, assistant professor in English and communication at Nazareth College
  • Elise Miklich, communication specialist at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and owner of Light Within Candle Co.
  • Emmarae Stein, communications and history student at Nazareth College, co-owner of Floated Magazine, and Connections intern

What are the new hidden messages in your news supply? How can you discern an ad that is made to look like news? Is it ethical? Also, we look at the "message makers" -- the people in public relations who shape much of the conversation in our daily news. We talk with two guests who understand the art of shaping communications: