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provided by Pablo Sierra and Annette Ramos


Monday marks the third year that the city of Rochester will recognize Indigenous People’s Day side by side with Columbus Day. 

The celebration also falls within Hispanic Heritage Month, but while the two celebrations run concurrently, some Latino residents say it’s time to rethink honoring Christopher Columbus.

“To honor and celebrate Christopher Columbus right in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month is systemic perpetuation of white privilege,” said Annette Ramos, executive director of the Rochester Latino Theatre Company.

Noelle E. C. Evans / WXXI News

Monday was the second annual celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day in Rochester. It was also Columbus Day, which has served as a day for Italian-Americans in Rochester to celebrate their heritage. The city recognizes both holidays, which has stirred some controversy. 

Craig Marvin led a public demonstration of Haudenosaunee social dances on Indigenous People's Day, Monday. Marvin is Mohawk and Wolf Clan of the Akwesane Reservation. 

The City of Rochester is getting ready to celebrate its inaugural Indigenous Peoples' Day on October 8. The holiday will coincide with Columbus Day, which has long been controversial.

Our guests discuss the change, and what it means to grow up Native American . We also hear from the Italian-American community, which has varying opinions on the issue -- but has shown a devotion to keeping Columbus Day. Our guests:


After a growing number of U.S. cities and states rebranded Columbus Day and called it Indigenous Peoples’ Day, students at the State University of New York have joined the movement.

Columbus Day traditionally recognizes explorer Christopher Columbus' 1492 arrival in the Americas. Critics say the holiday whitewashes America's painful history of colonialism, slavery, and the damage of Native American cultures.

How should we teach about Columbus and his expeditions? It's the week of Columbus Day, and several American cities (led by Seattle) are abandoning the official holiday in lieu of various forms of diversity appreciation. What about here? Columbus exploited and killed the people he encountered; why do so many school children have such a rosy view? We talk about this with our guests: