College at Brockport


There are some new questions being raised about how the firing of a diversity official at the College at Brockport has been handled.

The law firm representing Cephas Archie, the college’s former chief diversity officer who was fired from his job three weeks ago, says that last Friday the Chief of Police at the college had contacted Sabrina Lewis, who had previously worked with Archie at a community college in Houston.


The head of the SUNY system has written to Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, responding to concerns she has raised about diversity issues at the College at Brockport.

Warren wrote to SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson late last month, expressing what she called her “grave concern and frustration” about the situation involving former Chief Diversity Officer Cephas Archie.

Archie was fired last month, although Brockport officials say they were not able to provide detail over why he was let go, because it was a personnel matter.


The College at Brockport won’t be called that, at least not officially beginning in July.

Brockport is part of the State University of New York, and it was called that for years until 2007 when it was renamed The College at Brockport.

But apparently that name didn’t resonate with students and prospective students.

A statement released by Vice president for University Relations Dave Mihalyov said that while it made sense to change the name from SUNY Brockport to The College at Brockport more than a decade ago, it now makes sense to change it again.

College at Brockport

The chief diversity officer at The College at Brockport has apparently been fired, and it’s resulted in a barrage of criticism of that move on social media.

The Democrat and Chronicle says that Cephas Archie confirmed that he was fired on Friday.

A spokesman for the college, John Follaco issued a statement saying that: