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Rochester police could get iPhone cracking tool

16 hours ago

Rochester police are adding a new iPhone cracking tool to their arsenal that has sparked privacy concerns around the country.

The tool is called GrayKey, a small, gray box that enables its users to unlock passcodes in the most up-to-date iOS devices, giving law enforcement access to personal files as part of an investigation.

City Council is set to vote Tuesday on allocating $19,000 for a one-year GrayKey contract.

New research finds that most Americans agree about how far they are willing to let the government go to protect the public during the pandemic. We have a conversation about civil liberties, and where the line should be when it comes to government restrictions.

Our guests weigh in:

  • Kevin Cope, associate professor of law, and director of the Immigration Law Program at the University of Virginia School of Law
  • Lauren Hall, associate professor of political science in the College of Liberal Arts at RIT