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The University of Rochester Medical Center will begin placing 3,473 employees -- just shy of 20% of its staff -- on furlough next week, the hospital system said in a statement on Friday.

Nearly 700 of those staff will be out of work entirely with no guarantee of returning to their jobs when furloughs end, URMC said. The remaining 80% of furloughed employees will work reduced schedules.

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New York hospitals lag behind other states when it comes to the quality of care they provide, according to a report from the New York Public Interest Research Group.

Nearly two-thirds of upstate hospitals scored below the national average for patient experience, according to the group’s analysis of data from the federal government. More than half of upstate hospitals also scored below the national average in rates of patients who had to be readmitted after their release, and nearly half were below average in the quality of care they provide.

“New York hospitals provided much worse treatment than U.S. hospitals overall,” the report said.

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Irfan Rahman’s laboratory sits at the end of a long hallway on the third floor of the University of Rochester’s School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Inside, Rahman and a team of researchers take apart e-cigarettes. They analyze the liquids that the devices turn into inhalable vapors in an effort to figure out exactly what those vapors are made of.