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In his book, Reinventing America’s Schools, author David Osborne argues that we should treat every public school like a charter school. He suggests an emphasis on autonomy, accountability of performance, diversity in school design, and parental choice. Osborne is in Rochester to meet with school leaders to discuss his ideas for the future of education, but first, he joins us Connections.

Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as the new Secretary of Education. What does that mean for our public schools?

We reached out to many local school leaders to join the discussion; most declined. Our panel discusses the issues they see as most in play during the Trump administration. Note: there are school-choice advocates who are not in positions of public school leadership, and we'll be inviting them to join us in the coming days, too. In studio:

  • Steve Uebbing, professor of educational leadership, and director of the Center for Urban Education Success at the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester
  • Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester Teachers Association
  • Trina Newton, superintendent of the Geneva Central School District
  • Van White, president of the Rochester City School Board

What does it take to start a school from scratch... when you don't have a big pot of money? Joel Helfrich has a vision for the Rochester River School, based on humane education. But he's found some roadblocks, and has had to go a route he didn't expect at the outset: charter school. We'll discuss the process, his vision for the school, and how he's trying to build support. Our guests:

  • Joel Helfrich, Rochester River School
  • David Hursh, professor in the Warner School of Education, University of Rochester

We look at the growth of charter schools with reporter Justin Murphy, who wrote the recent story in the Democrat & Chronicle titled, "Charter Schools: As Movement Grows, Oversight Lags." Murphy's investigation looked at the money and connections involved with a local group. Our guests:

  • Justin Murphy, education reporter, Democrat and Chronicle
  • David Hursh, professor of teaching and curriculum, University of Rochester Warner School of Education
  • Shawgi Tell, associate professor of social and psychological foundations of education, Nazareth College
  • Geoffrey Rosenberger, chairman of the board, True North Rochester Preparatory Charter School

A new charter school opening this fall is offering a curriculum that addresses the concerns of the business community.

Dennis Francione is the Founder and CEO of the Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School located downtown on Hart Street.