In the wake of tragedy, such as the mass shootings in Dallas and Orlando and the terror attacks in Nice, pet therapy can provide comfort to victims, families, and communities. During this episode of Unleashed, we talk about the value of pet therapy, and we hear from a man who took his dog to Orlando to provide comfort to victims’ families.

And veterinarian Dr. Katrina Tyrrell is in studio answering listeners’ questions about pet health. Our guests:

It’s puppy and kitten season, so in this episode of Unleashed, we focus on how to best care for young pets: from vaccines to spaying and neutering to how to work through bad behaviors.

We also talk to representatives from some lesser-known rescue organizations in our area that find homes for hundreds of animals each year.

And veterinarian Dr. Danielle Shemanski is in studio answering listeners’ questions about pet health. Our guests:

In this episode of Unleashed, Dr. Michelle Brownstein from Henrietta Animal Hospital is in studio to take pet owners’ calls and questions. We start by focusing on spring-related questions: seasonal allergies, toxic plants and flowers, and more. 

Then, losing a pet can be an emotionally-draining time, and every owner grieves differently. WXXI’s Beth Adams speaks with licensed social worker Amy Jewett about the grieving process and how pet owners can navigate their feelings. 

And, how did what was once considered the “all American dog” come to be feared and stigmatized? We talk about pit bulls and the history of how they have been perceived. We also talk about a well-known local pit bull who defied the odds after he was abandoned outside during the Polar Vortex of 2014. We're joined by a man who helped rescue the aptly named “Vortex.” Our guests:

This month on Unleashed: The Pet Show, we welcome Steven Smith, DVM, of Canandaigua Veterinary Hospital to talk about pet health.

We also hear about a new literacy program at Lollypop Farm called Book Buddies, where kids are helping to socialize adoptable cats.

And, do you know the subtle and not-so-subtle signs that should tell you when your pet needs to see the vet or go to the emergency clinic? We talk to Dr. Meg Brooker of Canfield Dog and Cat Hospital in Pittsford about which symptoms should be cause for concern.

This month on Unleashed, we focus on how to better communicate with your pets: how to read their body language, how to improve their behavior, and how to notice signs of illness.

Veterinarian Dr. Todd Wihlen from the Animal Hospital of Pittsford is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and well being. Plus, WXXI’s Beth Adams speaks with animal communicator Janet Ridgeway, who strives to transform the relationships between people and their pets. Our guests:

Our focus this month is how to care for and protect your pets during the winter months. Veterinarian Dr. Mark Pessin from Fairview Veterinary Hospital answers your questions about pet health and well being.

Plus, WXXI's Beth Adams visits a local clinic that provide acupuncture and laser therapy as alternative medical treatments for their four-legged patients. And, we talk to an animal behavior and training expert at Lollypop Farm about how to welcome new pets into your fur family.