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A new book called “Paying for Pollution” makes the case for a carbon tax in America. Author Gilbert Metcalf is an internationally-recognized expert on climate policy and carbon taxes. He’s currently a professor of citizenship and public service and economics at Tufts University.

Metcalf is in Rochester as a guest of the World Affairs Council to discuss climate change policy and the Green New Deal, but first, he joins us on Connections.

Last week, there was a meeting at the White House between the president's top economic adviser and a group of prominent Republicans proposing a carbon tax. The group, which includes three former Cabinet secretaries, calls itself the Climate Leadership Council. The members say that with Republicans controlling the White House and Congress, it's time for the party to get serious about climate change. They say their idea for a carbon tax is a way to return all revenue raised to the taxpayer. They think it's a pro-market solution to climate change. We discuss the idea with our guests:

We discuss carbon fee and dividend: what it is, how it works, who supports it, and the impact it would have on climate change and the economy. Our guests: 

We begin the hour with a discussion about the news from Xerox this week: the company will split into two publicly-traded companies, one for Document Technology, the other for Business Process Outsourcing. Our guests:

Then, gas prices are among the lowest in history -- adjusted for inflation -- but is this necessarily a good thing? We explore proposals for a gas price floor of three dollars or four dollars and the possible impact on climate and infrastructure. Our guests:

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First hour: A look at the Xerox split; Are lower fuel prices good for the economy?

Second hour: Video games for cancer patients during chemotherapy treatments