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In the latest Business Report, there's a mix of good and bad news on the job front...wages may finally be starting to rise, but the job market is getting tighter. 

Plus, hear why Alfred University is coming to Rochester to help emerging clean-energy companies. Plus, info on Spectrum's new mobile phone product.

In the latest Business Report, dive into a new Paychex survey that reveals wages across the nation aren't increasing that much. Plus, details on Conduent selling off one of its businesses, and a rail car manufacturer in the southern tier is getting a grant to help expand.

In this WXXI Business report, the latest jobs report shows strong private sector employment growth in June for the Rochester region. Will that trend continue?

Also, we update you on some mergers and get you prepared for the Xerox earnings call that's happening this week, the first for their new CEO. 

In this WXXI Business Report, some details about a Reuters report that quotes sources as saying Xerox is looking at the possibility of selling a leasing unit.

Plus, consumer confidence in New York state is going up, and some Wegmans employees have a new contract. 

In this week’s WXXI Business Report we hear about some surveys, including:

-An AARP survey which indicates Canandaigua is a great place to live and is a good value as well.

-A survey that puts Wegmans’ leader Colleen Wegman up among the top CEO’s.

In the latest WXXI Business Report, Randy Gorbman explains how a big state grant will help launch a new cybersecurity institute at RIT. Plus, how will the recent Luminate NY competition benefit the Rochester economy? And we discuss how Constellation Brands officials are keeping an eye on the potential growth for cannabis-infused products.

The Xerox-Fuji merger saga continues, with breaking news about Xerox’s CEO response to the more than than $1 billion lawsuit filed last week by Fuji against Xerox for backing out of the merger deal.

Also, unemployment figures have dropped, and Manpower weighs in with what hiring should like over the next few months.

Another top ranking for Wegmans leads this WXXI Business Report. Also, find out about strong job growth numbers for the Rochester metro region, and a new executive appointment at Kodak.

This week, news about an upcoming opportunity for area small business, entrepreneurial firms to get federal grants, in an event organized through the SBA.

-Greenlight Networks says it is deploying new fiber technology

-And Kodak working on plans to relaunch Ektachrome film. (here's the link)

In this WXXI Business Report, Randy Gorbman explains the main findings from Paychex's latest Small Business Employment Watch - it shows a small increase in hiring, but a slight decrease in wage growth. Plus, Wegmans opens store number 97!