Need to Know Rochester: Cities Facing Bankruptcy

May 3, 2012

In his State of the City address this week, Rochester Mayor Tom Richards says cities like Rochester can no longer rely on property tax revenue to provide the services citizens expect.  He's calling for a new way of financing city governments.  Without that, he warns, cities are destined for cultural, social, and financial bankruptcy.  We'll explore this issue with former Rochester Mayor William Johnson, now a distinguished public policy professor at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The controversial film "BULLY" debuted in Rochester Friday at The Little Theatre followed by a panel discussion on the film and the issue of bullying.

The panel discussion was led by WXXI’s Helene Biandudi immediately following the screening of the film.

Miss New York Kaitlin Monte was on the panel.  She was a victim of bullying and has made awareness her mission. The Pittsford native has launched a campaign against bullying in schools throughout the state.