Budget Crisis

City of Rochester

City Budget Director Chris Wagner said Rochester's budget is like a stool that the city sits on. The three legs fund the majority of the city’s services.

“The primary parts of that three-legged stool are property tax, sales tax, and state aid,” said Wagner.

Wagner said the city’s property tax collections are not a big part of the gap, but the other two legs are wobbling, which led to the $64 million shortfall. 

NYS Comptroller's Audit of the Rochester City School District

About six years ago, Rochester’s Board of Education received a presentation from former Superintendent Bolgen Vargas, and then-Chief Financial Officer William Ansbrow. 

Ansbrow said: “If ‘this’ continues, the district’s finances will hit rock bottom within three to five years.” 


A group of Rochester City School District teachers held an emergency meeting Friday on the state of the district’s funding and the lengths they’re willing to go to get more aid. 

RORE -- or the Rochester Organization of Rank and File Educators -- are calling for a one-day teachers strike on March 6 in hopes that the district’s state foundation aid is fully funded, among other demands.