Many schools are deciding to keep students online – some exclusively, others for part of the fall. The New York Times argues that consistent internet access is now a civil right, and many students will be denied quality education based on their household’s income or where they live. And now, Charter Communications is asking the government for the right to impose data caps and charge families more for using their services.

Our guests discuss the impact of such a move, along with ways to handle internet access during the ongoing crisis:

Both Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Barack Obama talked about connectivity and access to broadband in their addresses this week. We’ll talk with Doug Brake who gets paid to think about this stuff for the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation.

Then, we’ll catch up with Kara Miller from our sister program Innovation Hub who’s been looking into the latest innovations in seafood production and also, about the value of OLDER entrepreneurs.

Finally, Michelle Faust will join us briefly to preview the local screening/forum on poverty that she’s hosting at the Little Theatre on Monday