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Democrats have elevated Joe Biden to a nearly insurmountable delegate lead in the nomination process. But supporters of Bernie Sanders argue that Biden has largely been in the background during the pandemic, and they want Sanders to keep pushing. Biden has said he sees no point in debating anymore, and his camp wants Sanders to exit the race. Meanwhile, some Democrats are publicly wondering if there's an opening for New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

We talk about next steps during an unprecedented modern crisis. Our guests:

The newest polling from early voting states brings good news for Senator Bernie Sanders. He's hoping for early momentum to carry him to the Democratic nomination.

We've discussed the platforms of many other candidates; today we explore the goals of Sanders and his supporters. We also discuss general election viability. In studio:

Senator Bernie Sanders says that Democrats must listen to what voters want, and Sanders says the answer is not "Republican light." He wants a strong set of populist policies going forward.

Our panel of voters who supported Sanders in the primary explain some of the concerns they have with the Democratic Party, and how it might respond to the recent election losses. Our guests:

  • Joe Guest, Sanders supporter who voted for Jill Stein
  • Jason Peck, visiting assistant professor at the University of Rochester
  • Kevin Sweeney, former Sanders delegate

Hillary Clinton is leading in the polls, so how should we expect she would govern?

The recent release of audio from this past February includes Clinton telling private donors that supporters of Bernie Sanders were idealistic, but maybe not realistic in what could be accomplished. She describes herself as a centrist, a term that is sure to irk Sanders voters who wanted to believe she would pick up their banner. And her comments to banks indicate a private view that conflicts with her public comments that banks' greed sank the U.S. economy.

Our guests are Sanders voters who discuss what this all means for their agenda:

  • Kevin Sweeney
  • Bill Benet
  • Jen Werle
  • Mary Lupien



Perhaps the most controversial DNC email released in the recent leak was the one that questioned whether Bernie Sanders is actually an atheist, and whether that could be used against him with voters. Across the country, atheists groaned at yet another slur against the non-religious. Polls show atheists are viewed with great suspicion by religious Americans.

We talk about atheist-phobia, and whether atheists feel like they'll have a chance to ever hold higher office in this country. Our guests:

Did the DNC's first night, capped off by Bernie Sanders, do enough to unify the party? Sanders delegates on the convention floor were saying no, but polls show that Hillary Clinton is picking up at least 80% of Sanders voters.

We discuss the state of the race with reporter Karen Dewitt in Philadelphia, and our guests:

  • Josh Keaton, local Democratic activist and Clinton supporter
  • Kevin Sweeney, Sanders delegate

President Obama has now endorsed Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Can the party unite? History says the answer is yes. Some of Senator Bernie Sanders' more fervent supporters are saying they'll move their support to Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.

We talk to both Clinton and Sanders supporters about the path to November. Our guests:

  • Josh Keaton, Clinton supporter
  • Kevin Sweeney, Sanders supporter
  • Carrie Gilroy, Sanders supporter

Ken Rudin, the Political Junkie, joins us in the first half hour to examine the results of New York's presidential primary.

Then, our panel looks at what we learned on Tuesday, and where we go from here. Our guests:

What exactly is Democratic Socialism?

Bernie Sanders held a Tuesday rally in Rochester, and the presidential candidate continues to say that he can win New York State next week. Hillary Clinton has pointed out that Sanders is not raising money for other Democrats, and in fact, he's not a Democrat -- he's just running as one. Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, and this hour, we explore what that means. We also discuss how Sanders can impact the Democratic Party if he's the nominee. Our guests:

  • Robert Hoggard, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity masters student in Kairos studies and a Sanders supporter
  • Karen Vitale, co-chair of the Rochester Area Democratic Socialists and a Sanders supporter
  • Sandra Frankel, former Brighton Town Supervisor and a Clinton supporter
  • Larry Knox, political and communications coordinator for SEIU and a Clinton supporter

This week, for the first time, Senator Bernie Sanders said he thinks he can win New York State's presidential primary. Can he? Secretary Clinton maintains a healthy delegate lead, but Sanders is trying to parlay his Michigan upset victory into more success in northern states.

Our panel is composed of organizers and supporters from both sides, who discuss what we can expect as we finally creep toward the April 19th primary. And we discuss whether the Sanders and Clinton camps will be able to unify for the general election, no matter the nominee. In studio:

  • Larry Knox and Trish Lepel, supporting Clinton
  • Jason Peck and Karen Vitale, supporting Sanders