baden street settlement

Renee Heininger / CITY Newspaper

Northwest Rochester is home to the JOSANA neighborhood, which is poor and mostly black and brown.

While the neighborhood has faced many challenges, it's also seen some positive changes recently.

"The neighborhood back then was known as ghost town. It's not called ghost town anymore," said Luis Aponte, chairman of Charles House Neighbors in Action. The group is a mix of area residents, business owners, and teens. About 12 years ago, the group merged with the organization that gave the neighborhood its name: the Jay Orchard Street Area Neighborhood Association.

For nearly 120 years, Baden Street Settlement in Rochester has been working to eliminate the causes of poverty and to help struggling families. Their work has touched thousands of lives.

We sit down with members of Baden Street to discuss their work, the progress they've made, and the challenges they face in a segregated community. It's a preview of a presentation on social justice at the organization's annual meeting and luncheon. In studio: 

  • Gaynelle Weathers, director of planning and development for Baden Street Settlement
  • Pam Jackson, former director of the Activities/After-School Programs Department at Baden Street Settlement
  • Theodore (“Mr.Hardy”) Hardy, board member and longtime supporter of Baden Street Settlement, and user of Baden Street Senior Services
  • Sarah Cheek, parent of a child in Baden Street Settlement's pre-school program