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"Women Empowered: Fashions From the Frontline," is an exhibit at Cornell University chronicling the ways women have used fashion throughout history to collectively uplift themselves.

Denise Green is a faculty member in the fiber science and apparel design department in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University. She says the "Women Empowered" exhibit is the result of a semester’s worth of work between her and a group of students.

United Way kicks off its 2019 campaign with a twist

Jan 17, 2019

Around 300 people attended a community event at the Memorial Art Gallery as the United Way of Greater Rochester launched its 2019 campaign, and commemorated its 100th anniversary in 2018.

``We were able to leverage more than $30,000,000 dollars.  That is a tremendous feat, and is only made possible by all the individuals in our community stepping up," said Jaime Saunders, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Rochester.

She says the workplace campaign remains the lifeblood of the organization, raising funds to meet the needs of this community.

The Hideaway facebook

A local restaurant is giving free meals to furloughed federal workers during the government shutdown.

Max Gordon is the owner of the Hideaway, who says with proper ID, furloughed government workers can come in and get a free meal, with no expectation of money exchanging hands.

Gordon says the idea came up last week, as federal employees were getting close to missing their first paychecks. So the staff got together to think of ways to help. He also says he didn’t want it to be a top down assignment so everyone agreed: free meals, no tips necessary.


Another Woodstock 50th anniversary concert is happening in August and this one will be closer to us.

Woodstock 50, organized by one of the producers of the original event, Michael Lang will be hosted at Watkins Glen International August 16 through 18th. Woodstock 1969 was held August 15 to 17th.

Chris Banker is the Director of Public Relations for Watkins Glen International and says it’s been incredible to partner with an iconic brand like Woodstock.


Webster native and Emmy award winner Renee Sotile noticed something while covering the O.J. Simpson murder trial as a photojournalist in 1995.

As the trial progressed, much of the attention was focused on Simpson and not his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, who along with her friend, Rob Goldman, was brutally murdered outside her home in Brentwood, California in 1994.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the crimes.

Now, nearly 25 years after Nicole's violent death, Sotile produced a music video to raise awareness of domestic violence and support for its survivors.

Fred SanFilipo

Rock legend and Rochester native Lou Gramm announced recently he is retiring from his solo career.

The former Foreigner lead singer’s powerful voice was part of the soundtrack of the 1980s, with hits like “Urgent”, “Cold as Ice”, and “Waiting for a Girl Like You” launching him to stardom.

After that, Gramm's solo career won critical acclaim and put him on the top 40 charts once again.

Click on the LISTEN link above to hear Lou Gramm talk about his future plans and his decision to stop touring with his solo band.

The Strong Museum of Play

The museum’s president and CEO Steve Dubnik says the new admission policy  will allow people who are in the SNAP, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, to get into the museum for $3, instead of the general admission price of $16.

He says that should help the museum attract larger audiences and aid those who are facing economic challenges.


The executive director of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Bleu Cease, says the non-profit deals with a fair amount of criticism or negativity.

But he says when he received a hate letter in the mail mocking his name, calling him a "freak" and making obscene anti-gay remarks, it was time to turn a negative into a positive.

Cease wasted little time in posting the letter from the anonymous author, replete with its homophobic remarks, on social media for everyone to see.


Airbnb hosts in the Finger Lakes region earned almost $10 million through the app in 2018.

Liz DeBold Fusco is the Northeast Press Secretary for Airbnb.

"It’s really boils down to a little extra income that so many families all over the Finger Lakes have been able to make. And use that in order to pay their mortgage, pay for their children’s education, whatever they need."

But she says Airbnb hosting is not only beneficial to individual households, she says 95% of hosts actually recommend small businesses to their guests.

FleetFeet/YellowJacket Racing

Organizers of a New Year’s Day race in Rochester say a sense of humor is required as well as an appetite.

The Donut Mile is sponsored by FleetFeet and YellowJacket Racing

Ellen Brenner is the owner of YellowJacket and breaks down how the race goes.

"I literally say "ready, set, eat" instead of "ready, set, go." Everyone will eat their donut. And you have to finish your donut, and we're very good about making sure that you eat the entire donut safely."