Anton Porsteinsson

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

As the number of Americans over 65 years old has continued to climb, doctors have begun paying more attention to a particular side effect of stacking some medications: symptoms of dementia.

National Institute on Aging

Most American adults are worried they’ll develop Alzheimer’s, but they’re also optimistic that there will be a cure for the disease in their lifetimes, according to survey results released Monday.

The nationwide survey, conducted by Harris polling on behalf of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Amgen, also showed that most American adults want to participate in medical research.

More than a third of the respondents said they were “very willing” to be part of a study.

Rochester Alzheimer’s research goes international

Jul 24, 2018
Anton Porsteinsson / University of Rochester Medical Center

Aggression, anger, and outbursts at family members and caregivers are common products of Alzheimer’s disease. Two researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center are in Chicago this week presenting their research on how to help patients and caregivers through some of those most difficult symptoms of the disease.