The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester has released a survey to help gather feedback from the Jewish community about a range of issues, including the rise in anti-Semitism across the country. The questionnaire, called "Every Voice Counts," is open to people who identify as Jewish, have Jewish heritage, or who have relationships within the Jewish community. It polls participants about services, cultural interests, as well as concerns about security.

Our guests discuss the survey, what they hope to learn, and how the results will help them plan for a more inclusive community. Our guests:

  • Meredith Dragon, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester
  • Judy Azoff, chair of the "Every Voice Counts" Jewish Rochester Survey
  • Dr. Jacob Moalem, M.D., vice chair of the "Every Voice Counts" Jewish Rochester Survey, and associate professor of surgery and endocrinology at the University of Rochester Medical Center

A recent event at the Islamic Center of Rochester asked how anti-Semitism, anti-black racism, and Islamophobia connect. A number of young activists joined together to answer that question, and to discuss how to counter white supremacy.

We talk to some of those activists about what they learned, and about how to change hearts and minds. In studio:

  • Mara Ahmed, activist, artist, and filmmaker at Neelum Films
  • Assata Evans, sophomore at World of Inquiry School, and restorative practices trainer
  • Samiha Islam, junior at Brighton High School, and co-president of the Brighton High School Muslim Student Association
  • Milo Ehrenberg, nursing student and member of the Rochester chapter of the Jewish Voice for Peace