Governor Andrew Cuomo joins us to share updates from the Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Commission.

Governor Andrew Cuomo joins us on the program to break news related to Lake Ontario. We discuss the latest with efforts to reduce lake levels.

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We’re joined by Governor Andrew Cuomo for a conversation about efforts to remediate flooding on Lake Ontario. Last month, the governor announced $300 million in funding to improve infrastructure along the shoreline. The pledge is part of the Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative, or REDI, commission – a multi-agency effort that will implement legislative changes, aid packages, and executive actions to address the flooding.

Cuomo has been critical of the International Joint Commission (IJC) and its efforts to alleviate the flooding. The IJC has defended its plan to address the issue and says this year’s severe flooding was caused by excessive rain and inflows from the upper Great Lakes.

We hear from Cuomo, and then, we’re joined by Jane Corwin, U.S. commissioner and chair of the IJC. Our guests:

We have a conversation with Governor Andrew Cuomo. We had an opportunity to speak with the governor about water levels in Lake Ontario; the 2020 election; and a number of other issues impacting New Yorkers, including the economy, marijuana, and drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants. We also hear from WXXI's Capitol Bureau Chief, Karen DeWitt


Rochester City Council has sent a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo in support of pot legalization in New York state. Councilman Mitch Gruber says legalizing marijuana could boost New York’s economy and tax revenue.

“The marijuana industry is poised to be huge,” said Gruber. “I believe in Colorado it grew to a billion dollars in three years, and certainly New York state is big enough to see those numbers get even higher.”



Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday urged the New York State Legislature to legalize recreational marijuana in an address in New York City. The move would make New York the 11th state in the country to take the step.

Reaction in Monroe County has been mixed, and advocates said they are still unsure what the regulations might ultimately look like.

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he had a “positive” meeting with President Donald Trump on Wednesday at the White House to talk about funding for a key train tunnel connecting Manhattan to New Jersey.

Cuomo spent the primary and general election season berating Trump and his policies, including at an appearance last summer at a Brooklyn church.

Governor Cuomo released his 2017-2018 spending plan on Tuesday, and many lawmakers have criticized him for a lack of transparency.

We sit down with Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, who feels that the governor has left both lawmakers and taxpayers out of the loop. We discuss the governor's free college tuition plan; aim for direct care workers; taxes; and anything else listeners want to discuss.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is offering his annual State of the State address in regional chunks, and his Monday address contained some promises for Rochester. But what should we expect?

After confusion surrounding photonics in Rochester, Cuomo says the state will establish a $10 million photonics competition. What about other industries? What about school spending, and taxes, and early voting, and more? We get you up to speed. Our guests:

Governor's office

ALBANY (AP) Gov. Andrew Cuomo is hosting an Easter egg hunt and open house at the New York state governor's mansion this year, the first of what the governor hopes will become an annual springtime tradition.

Sunday afternoon's event will include tours of the historic residence in Albany and opportunities to meet the Democratic governor.

Only ticketed guests may attend. Tickets were obtained through the governor's website.

Cuomo on Friday said he's excited about the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with New Yorkers.