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WXXI asked all the candidates in the race for Rochester mayor for an opportunity to get to know them better….as a person and not a candidate running for office. We figured tagging along as they partake in one of their favorite pastimes was a pretty good way to get a glimpse inside their lives. On this segment of Need to Know it’s Green Party candidate Alex White. 

It’s been 200 years since the birth of the Erie Canal. While it was a game-changer in our nation’s history, on this edition of Need to Know we discuss whether it still carries economic weight.

Also on the show, what you may not see on the campaign trail in the race for Rochester mayor. This week we’re tagging along with Alex White to learn about the person behind the politician.

And, our Top of the Class series continues. We’ll talk with a recent high school grad with big goals to help create unity in our society through architecture and sports. 

Some say “third time’s a charm” and mayoral candidate Alex White hopes there’s some truth to that saying. The Green Party candidate is on his third run for mayor of Rochester. Why? Because he says things in the city are not getting better. From issues of poverty and minimum wage to public safety and tax breaks, White says he has a vision that will bring change to some of the city’s long-standing issues if he’s elected. Alex White joins this edition of Need to Know to talk about what makes him stand out among the pack of contenders in this year’s race. 

He says Rochester needs to stop looking to others to save the city and marshall resources from within. Local businessman and mayoral candidate Alex White joins this edition of Need to Know to explain why he believes his vision will make a stronger Rochester.

Also on the show, a soon-to-be released data portal intends to bring transparency to the criminal justice system. It’s being called a groundbreaking tool for journalists and the public. We’ll learn how it works and what it reveals.

And we’ll take you to “Art-Fam,” a place where a Rochester artist and high school teacher helps students find their truth, own it and share it with the world.

The race for Rochester mayor is a crowded one – but one candidate is hoping to differentiate himself from the pack. Alex white joins us in the studio to discuss why he believes he’s the best fit for Rochester.

Also on the show, a groundbreaking tool is being released to bring transparency to the criminal justice system. The Rochester attorney and journalist behind this work joins us to share the details.

Rochester's Green Party mayoral candidate, Alex White, will be in the WXXI Studio for Thursday's Need to Know Rochester. We're talking issues and covering everything from his new "10PM" plan to downtown development.

Also on the show - we hear from Dr. Steve Perlman, a leader in the global Special Olympics movement. And Rochester soul singer, Cammy Enaharo, will be in the studio to grace us with her tunes.

Watch this Thursday at 8pm on WXXI-TV, Channel 21.1 and Cable 11 or 1221.

On this edition of Need to Know Rochester:

  • WXXI News reveals the person behind the campaign. A special profile of Rochester mayoral candidates, Lovely Warren & Alex White.
  • Social Media Surveillance. A discussion on how school districts and parents can monitor student social media accounts to help tackle bullying and suicidal threats.