President Trump says that Americans should consider Obamacare dead and buried, but it's not. So what options do Americans have when it comes to the open enrollment period?

We discuss options and the current state of healthcare legislation. Our guests:

  • Jane Dodds, practice administrator for Women Gynecology and Childbirth Associates, and 30 year member of Medical Group Management Association
  • Leslie Moran, senior vice president for the New York Health Plan Association

The failure of the American Health Care Act showed a sharp disconnect between the White House and the working class. Various polls showed the AHCA with anything from 17 to 30 percent approval, and it earned dismal marks from the conservative working class, too. But a number of liberal writers say that Democrats are missing an opportunity to learn from this episode. They argue that Democrats are obsessed with Russia, while Trump voters are concerned about health coverage and jobs.

So what can be done to win over the support of Trump voters, and what can we learn from the AHCA flop? Our guests:

We discuss the AHCA and how it could impact us here in Western New York. We talk about the debate over the so-called "Buffalo Bribe," and the possible impact on Medicaid recipients. And we try to answer a broad range of questions about costs, coverage, and more. Our guests:

  • Karen Shakerdge, WXXI health reporter and producer
  • Jane Dodds, fellow with the American College of Medical Practice Executives
  • Deborah Tschappat, grant writer at the Anthony Jordan Health Center
  • Dr. Sarah Liebschutz, distinguished service professor emerita at The College at Brockport
  • Christopher Bell, executive director of the Monroe County Medical Society, American Academy of Pediatrics NY 1, and the Genesee Valley Medical Foundation