Affordable child care

The Children’s Agenda recently released a new report that shows there’s a growing shortage of affordable and available child care services, both locally and nationally. According to the report, Rochester has seen improvements in the availability of child care for children in pre-K, but options for infants and toddlers are increasingly difficult to find. The Children’s Agenda is calling on local, state, and federal partners to invest more in the child care system and in providers.

This hour, we discuss the report and The Children’s Agenda’s priorities. We also hear from providers and from parents who share the challenges they’ve faced finding child care. In studio:

Beth Adams/WXXI News

The tragic death of a toddler this week is sparking conversations about access to child care.

On Monday, a 3-year-old boy was taken by his mother to the Tim Hortons coffee shop where she works because no one else was available to care for the child, according to Rochester police.

The boy died after falling into a grease trap behind the restaurant.