Brett Dahlberg / WXXI News

Transportation planners and advocates from around the Rochester region said they were leaving the city with some new ideas about planning for pedestrians after a so-called “walk audit” through downtown.

Mark Fenton led the audit at the invitation of Common Ground Health, a Rochester nonprofit organization. Fenton is a Brockport native and an adjunct professor at Tufts University in Boston.

“Going for a walk is a lot different than looking at drawings and talking about things theoretically,” Fenton said.

Rochester has a bike lane problem. That’s according to research and reporting done by WXXI’s health reporter, Brett Dahlberg. He spent eight weeks recording video and studying issues related to Rochester’s more than 60 miles of bike lanes. He found the lanes are often filled with parked cars and there’s little cyclists can do about it.

What does this mean for a city working to expand travel to and from work by bike? Dahlberg joins us to discuss his reporting, along with the health benefits of commuting by bike or on foot. This conversation comes in advance of an upcoming summit on active transportation hosted by Common Ground Health. Our guests:

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