27th Congressional District

It looks like a special election to fill out the term in the 27th Congressional District will be held April 28, the same day that the presidential primary will be held.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has not yet formally announced that date, but an official with the  New York Attorney General’s office indicated in court Monday that is the date that Cuomo will set for an election to fill the seat previously held by Republican Chris Collins, who resigned last September. Collins resigned at around the time he also pleaded guilty to charges in an insider trading case.

Beth Adams/WXXI News

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he will declare a special election for the 27th Congressional district seat just vacated by Republican Chris Collins.

Collins resigned on Monday and is expected to plead guilty in federal court in Manhattan this afternoon in connection with an insider trading case against him.

Rep. Chris Collins (NY-27), is resigning from Congress ahead of an expected guilty plea in a federal insider trading case against him. Collins submitted his resignation to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Andrew Cuomo Monday, although the resignation will not take effect until the House meets in a pro forma session Tuesday.

He is expected to plead guilty in an insider trading case accusing him of leaking confidential information in an urgent phone call made from a White House picnic, according to court records filed Monday. 

Field is getting crowded for 27th Congressional District race

Aug 12, 2019

There might be two familiar faces dueling across the 27th Congressional District next year, with Grand Island Supervisor Nate McMurray saying he will take a run for the heavily Republican and conservative congressional seat.

Incumbent Rep. Chris Collins, who defeated McMurray in 2018, is positioning himself for another run despite his federal indictment on insider trading charges. Republicans Chris Jacobs and Beth Parlato are in the race and others may soon join the fray.