2019 Summer of Food

We wrap up this year’s Summer of Food Series with a conversation about food trucks. From shaved ice to burgers, fires, and breakfast sandwiches, we sit down with the owners of Rochester's newest food trucks to discuss their dishes, the industry, and the trends owners are seeing as the popularity of food trucks continues to grow.

Our guests:

We continue our Summer of Food series with a conversation about two places with deep Finger Lakes roots, but new faces and visions. We welcome the teams from the Plum Point Lodge in Dundee and the Park Inn in Hammondsport.

In studio:

Our Summer of Food series continues with a conversation about tipping etiquette. What is your standard tip when you visit a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop? 15 percent? 18 percent? 20 percent? Do you appreciate the devices that pre-determine a tip for you, or do you feel guilted into tipping because of them?

A new survey from CreditCards.com shows millennials are "the worst tippers" in the U.S. -- but not for reasons that you might expect. Many millennials say they would prefer to see tipping eliminated and instead, pay higher prices for food in restaurants. What do you think? Our guests debate it. In studio:

  • Mary Compton, bartender at the Strathallan
  • Chris Thompson, food writer for CITY Newspaper
  • Chris Lindstrom, founder and host of the podcast, "Food About Town"
  • Renee Colon, co-owner of Fuego Coffee

Our Summer of Food series continues with a conversation about fermentation. The inaugural FLX Fermentation Festival kicks off at the Cumming Nature Center on August 16. This hour, we preview the festival, discuss the growing interest in fermented foods and beverages, and demystify the fermentation process (which you can do at home!).

Our guests:

Our Summer of Food series continues with a conversation about “food as art.” We sit down with local chefs and experts in the culinary industry to discuss what the phrase means to them, how they incorporate creative expression and their own personal styles into their dishes or wine selections, and how food and drink can create memories.

In studio:

Our Summer of Food Series continues with a conversation about meatless meat. The popularity of the Impossible Burger continues to rise – so much so that some establishments can’t keep it in stock. It’s one of a number of new meatless burgers that’s winning over many skeptical customers.

This hour, we talk about the trend and if meatless burgers will become a mainstay.  Are they healthier than red meat? Could they help combat climate change by reducing animal agriculture? Do they taste good? Our guests discuss those questions and more:

Our Summer of Food Series kicks off with a look inside the mind of a butcher. Kevin McCann is a classically-trained chef and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. He launched McCann’s Meats in 2015. Since then, his shop has grown into a local institution, while Kevin has grown into… a much smaller waist size.

We talk about the art of the butcher; the rise of veganism; his physical journey; and we preview the upcoming international butchery competition. Kevin was selected to be one of nine American butchers on the team.