2016 election

The NPR Two-Way blog will provide live coverage of the House Intelligence Committee’s public hearing on the investigations into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. The live blog will include streaming video of the proceedings, with posts featuring highlights, context and analysis from NPR reporters and correspondents.


Members of the Electoral College are scheduled to formally cast their votes on Monday. We explore the history of the Electoral College, along with the debate over whether the electors should consider voting against their states' wishes.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is one of New York State's electors; we've reached out to her and other electors about whether they consider it ethical to go against a pledged vote for a particular candidate. Our guests:

  • Wes Renfro, associate professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at St. John Fisher College
  • Kathleen Donovan, associate professor in the Department of Political Science at St. John Fisher College

Senator Bernie Sanders says that Democrats must listen to what voters want, and Sanders says the answer is not "Republican light." He wants a strong set of populist policies going forward.

Our panel of voters who supported Sanders in the primary explain some of the concerns they have with the Democratic Party, and how it might respond to the recent election losses. Our guests:

  • Joe Guest, Sanders supporter who voted for Jill Stein
  • Jason Peck, visiting assistant professor at the University of Rochester
  • Kevin Sweeney, former Sanders delegate

Donald Trump won white women handily in this election, despite pundits' predictions that Trump's lewdness and troubling past comments would sink his campaign. For millions of women, Trump was their candidate for a variety of reasons -- and no new allegation or incident would change their minds. For women who opposed Trump, it's hard to understand.

This is our chance to hear more from women who voted for Trump, at length. Our guests:

  • Anne Smith
  • Pam Cairns
  • Jessica Shanahan

Dog-whistles are code words in politics: sometimes, you hear a phrase and it is supposed to sound unoffensive or straightforward, but does it really mean something else? There's a list of phrases, and you may agree or disagree that they are racial dog-whistles.

The executive director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition was in Rochester to give a presentation on this subject. We talk to him about what the code words are, how they may demean someone of a different race or culture, and what we can to decode dog-whistles. Our guests:

Former Roosevelt Fellow Matt Stoller has written a blistering takedown of Democratic policy, tracing the decline to the "Watergate Babies" of 1975.

Stoller argues that Democrats abandoned a dedication to protecting American communities through trust-busting and anti-monopoly policy. The result, he writes, is a concentration of power and a working class fury that just produced President Donald Trump.

So what next, in this Brandeis-or-Bork struggle? Stoller is urging Democrats to return to those roots as a way of protecting Democracy, adding jobs, and earning working class votes again. He's our guest for the hour.

Donald Trump won the votes of small business owners by a comfortable margin, according to exit polls. Many of those business owners expect Trump to protect existing jobs and create conditions for them to expand hiring.

We talk to a local small business owner about why he supported the next president, and what he wants him to do for small business owners. Our guest:

  • Tim Schiefen

NEW YORK (AP) — President-elect Donald Trump vowed Wednesday to unify a deeply divided nation, having scored a stunning victory backed by extraordinary support from working-class America.

The tough-talking New York billionaire claimed victories in the nation's premier battleground states, but his appeal across the industrial Midwest — Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, in particular — sealed a victory that defied pre-election polls and every expectation of the political establishment.

After winning her 16th congressional term, Louise Slaughter (D-Fairport) talks to her supporters at Democratic headquarters.

Video by Katie Epner

Mark Assini (R-Gates) concedes the 25th Congressional District race to Louise Slaughter (D-Fairport).

Video by Marty Kaufman