2014 election

Green Party Candidate Not Going Away

Nov 13, 2014

The Green Party candidate for governor, Howie Hawkins, says he’s not going away now that elections are over, and intends to continue to draw attention to issues like raising the minimum wage and build his party.

Hawkins says the Greens, who were the only party to gain voters in the elections, intends to build their membership in the coming months. Hawkins says 70% of voters did not bother coming to the polls, and he sees potential in the disaffected electorate.

“Those are the future Green voters,” Hawkins said. “That’s the way we’re looking at it.”

Election Over, Will Cuomo Decide on Fracking?

Nov 7, 2014

Now that elections are over, supporters and opponents of hydro fracking are wondering what will be Governor Andrew Cuomo’s next move on the long stalled gas drilling process in New York State.

New York has had a defacto moratorium on fracking for several years. Most recently Governor Cuomo has said he’s awaiting results of an over two years long health review being conducted by his administration.

During a debate in October, Cuomo said the review would finally be completed by the end of the calendar year.

All three propositions on the New York State ballot passed on Tuesday. Supporters of the measure to change the redistricting process say the vote shows New Yorkers are hungry for reform.

Voters approved a change in the state’s constitution that will require the legislature to appoint a commission redraw Senate, Assembly and congressional district lines after the 2020 census.

Dick Dadey, with Citizens Union, a group that supported the amendment, says the 57% percent of voters who said yes shows that the public craves reform of the present system.

Investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston joins us to talk about wage disparity and safety nets, especially after Tuesday night's election results.

We recap the winners, losers, and those waiting to be a winner or loser, from Tuesday's mid-term election. We will discuss how huge Repbulican wins will affect both the state and federal governments, and what's next for the Slaughter-Assini race that was too close to call Tuesday night.

Governor Cuomo, a Democrat ,won another four years in office, but the Republicans also recaptured the State Senate.  That could lead to Washington style gridlock on a number of issues that Cuomo pushed in the campaign.

Cuomo, under pressure from the left of his party, pressed for a progressive agenda in the final weeks of his campaign that includes an abortion rights provision in a women’s equality package, further increases in the state’s minimum wage, and public financing of political campaigns. On election night, Cuomo promised that he would deliver on those items.

WATCH: Monroe County GOP Celebrates Victories

Nov 5, 2014

"What a great night to be a Republican!" That line from Monroe County Republican Chairman Bill Reilich started the victory celebration for the Republicans Tuesday night. Watch the speeches from various GOP candidates:

Katko Easily Defeats Maffei In The 24th Congressional District

Nov 5, 2014

A year ago, John Katko of Camillus was a federal prosecutor, putting criminals behind bars. Today he is congressman-elect for New York’s 24th Congressional District.

The Republican's first foray into politics has led to a stunning victory over two-term Rep. Dan Maffei, a Democrat.      

“Anybody want to know why I’m wearing a purple tie?" Katko asked, opening his victory speech. "It’s a combination of red and blue because we all got to get together," He vowed to keep the promise he made on the campaign trail to work with Democrats in Washington.

Slaughter-Assini Race Goes To Absentees

Nov 4, 2014

When Louise Slaughter won her first congressional term in 1986, it was her closest margin of victory, a win by 3,375 votes. If she wants to win her 15th congressional term, she will have to win her closest race yet against Republican challenger Mark Assini.

Cuomo Wins Re-election

Nov 4, 2014

Governor Cuomo won re election to a second term by easily beating his nearest opponent , Republican Rob Astorino.

Cuomo, to chants of “four more years”,  promised to deliver in his next term on a mostly progressive agenda, including enacting a number of items that were stalled in the State Senate over the past couple of years, like an abortion rights provision as part of a women’s rights agenda and public financing of political campaigns.