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Longtime activist and Ibero co-founder Domingo Garcia

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Megan Mack
(foreground) Domingo Garcia, (background) Julio Vázquez Sr., and Eugenio Marlin on "Connections with Evan Dawson" on Tuesday, July 9, 2024

When a nine-year-old boy from Puerto Rico moved to Rochester in 1949, he knew no one but his immediate family. He says he was bewildered by the English language and often fell behind in school, eventually dropping out at the age of 17. And as an adult, he was turned down for jobs due to his ethnicity and was a victim of police brutality.

But despite these challenges, this man would become one of the most well-respected activists and leaders in the community.

Domingo Garcia is perhaps best known as one of the founders of Ibero-American Action League. Colleagues and mentees call him a trailblazer, and his list of accomplishments is long. Garcia now lives in Florida, but is back in Rochester this week to receive a proclamation from the Monroe County Legislature.

This hour, we sit down with Garcia and two of his mentees to discuss his life and legacy.

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