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Discussing Juneteenth and what we can learn about community from the Pythodd jazz club

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(foreground) Nita Brown, Nikia Washington, (background) Myra Henry, and Gloria Johnson-Hovey on "Connections with Evan Dawson" on Monday, June 10, 2024

What do Stevie Wonder, Irene Reid, and Rochester’s own Roy McCurdy have in common?

They all performed at the legendary Pythodd Room in the Clarissa Street neighborhood. From 1942-1973, the club welcomed some of jazz music’s most well-known artists.

As the founders of a local Juneteenth event gear up for this month’s activities, they say we need to look at Juneteenth through a broad lens: not only does it mark the end of slavery, but it is also meant to recognize and honor the accomplishments of the Black community. This year, they are focusing on achievements in the world of jazz. In addition to their musical prowess, Black and Brown jazz musicians at the Pythodd helped bring the community together. Some local leaders say that close-knit community has eroded over time.

What can we learn from the days of the Pythodd, and how can we carry those lessons into 2024? We discuss it with our guests. They also share their perspectives on gaps they see in representation and recognition at Rochester's International Jazz Festival.

In studio:

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