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How Rochester's music scene is becoming more collaborative

Four smiling people wearing headphones sit at a table in a radio talk studio: A woman front left has short brown hair and is wearing a tan blouse and jeans; a woman front right has brown hair tied back and is wearing a yellow blouse and jeans; a woman back left has long black hair and is wearing a grey shirt; a man back right has short dark hair, a black mustache, and grey beard and is wearing a blue and white collared shirt
Gary Pudup
(foreground) Kelly Izzo Shapiro, Sarah De Vallière, (background) Nicole Tones, and Brian Moore on "Connections with Evan Dawson" on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Rochester’s music scene is growing.

The city is home to talented singers, songwriters, and musicians of all backgrounds. The team behind a new local music studio is working to grow that community and help its members become better connected.

This hour, we talk to artists affiliated with Tones Studios and the organizers of the annual “If All Rochester Wrote the Same Song” contest about their work, their upcoming events, and their vision for a more collaborative local music scene.

In studio:

To purchase tickets to the "If All Rochester Wrote the Same Song" concert, click here.
To register for "The Healing" listening session and studio tour at Tones Studios, click here.

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