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Discussing the restaurant recovery with local industry professionals

Three people wearing headphones sitting around a table in a radio talk studio: In the foreground, a man with glasses and a beard wearing a Buffalo Bills jacket; a woman in the background with dark hair and a black shirt; and a man in the background wearing a maroon and grey sweater
Evan Dawson
(foreground) Art Rogers, (background) Kelly Bush, and Chris Grocki on "Connections with Evan Dawson" on Wednesday, March 13, 2024

When is the last time you dined at a restaurant?

In a new piece for the Atlantic, Derek Thompson explains that, on the whole, the restaurant industry has returned to its pre-pandemic state. For the most part, jobs are back, workers are back, and sales are back. But looking at the industry on a more granular level, the data shows that chains and fast food establishments have seen more success in this regard than sit-down dining establishments. Thompson writes that hybrid approaches to food service (take-out, ghost kitchens, etc.) and America’s loneliness epidemic have contributed to the disparity.

This hour, we explore the state of the industry with local restaurant owners.

Our guests:

Evan Dawson is the host of "Connections with Evan Dawson." He joined WXXI in January 2014 after working at 13WHAM-TV, where he served as morning news anchor. He was hired as a reporter for 13WHAM-TV in 2003 before being promoted to anchor in 2007.
Megan Mack is the executive producer of "Connections with Evan Dawson" and live/televised engagement programming.