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Steve Majors on his new book, "High Yella"

Cover image for "High Yella" by Steve Majors
University of Georgia Press
Cover image for "High Yella" by Steve Majors

Steve Majors is a non-profit leader and former television news journalist whose new memoir explores the themes of identity, culture, and the role of family. Majors grew up in Batavia as the youngest of five children raised by a single mother. His abusive father struggled with substance abuse and was in and out of his life. The Majors are Black, but Steve, who is bi-racial, presents as white. His grandmother nicknamed him "High Yella," which is the title of his book. In the memoir, Majors explores how growing up in poverty while questioning his race and sexuality shaped his adulthood. He now lives in Maryland with his husband and two adopted daughters.

We talk with Majors about his book, about how childhood trauma affects adulthood, and about how his identity has shaped different parts of his life. Our guest:

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