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Unleashed: The Pet Show, is the radio show that dishes about pets and their people. It airs during Connections on the third Friday of every month at Noon.

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It's Unleashed the Pet Show, and this month, we’re talking all about cats.

We visit Lollypop Farm to learn about the cat adoption process, and Dr. Eileen Adamo from The Cat Doctors in Penfield is in studio to answer your questions.

During this month's episode of Unleashed, we focus on two themes: animal advocacy and animal safety. Proposed legislation in Albany would make it a felony to kill or cause serious physical injury to a police work dog or police work horse. We hear from State Senator Catharine Young on why she sponsored "Mitchell's Law," and what she hopes it will accomplish.

Then, an estimated 40,000 to 150,000 pets die in fires each year, with most succumbing to smoke inhalation. Some local fire departments are now better equipped to help reduce that number. Invisible Fence of Upstate New York recently donated pet oxygen masks to the Warsaw and Castile Fire Departments. It's part of the company's "Project Breathe" program, which aims to provide every fire station in the U.S. and Canada with pet oxygen masks. We talk to the assistant chief of the Warsaw Fire Department about how local firefighters will use these life-saving devices. 

Plus, veterinarian Dr. John Sampson from Greece Animal Hospital, and Rebecca Lohnes, behavior and training manager at Lollypop Farm, are in studio to answer questions about pet health and behavior. Our guests:

Congratulations to the winners of this month's pet photo contest, Helen Anderson and Dan Howell!



Maybe you’ve seen some headlines recently about “pot for pets.” there’s a form of liquid cannabis that some veterinarians say is a safe and effective way to treat a number of conditions in dogs and cats. The issue has raised many questions – and misconceptions. We’ll break them down with Dr. Barbara Royal, who has recommended liquid cannabis for her patients.

And Jackie Walker from Churchville Veterinary Hospital is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior.

In this month's episode of Unleashed, we hear from a dog owner who is working to turn her heartbreak into action. Denise Krohn's two dogs were killed during a home invasion, and now, she's fighting for legislation that would make it a crime to hurt a pet during the commission of another crime. Read the petition here.

We also talk to a Wayne County woman whose dog, Derby, took to the national stage, competing in the Masters Obedience Championship at the Westminster Kennel Club Show. We talk to Leanne Capozzi about the experience of a lifetime.

And, Dr. Edward Gschrey from South Towne Veterinary Hospital will be in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior. Our guests:

In this episode of Unleashed, we discuss how to choose healthy, balanced diets for your pets.

We also talk about the controversy surrounding the new film, A Dog's Purpose. Some animal rights activists are boycotting the film after a video showing a trainer trying to force a frightened dog into a pool went viral. The film’s producer says the trainer’s actions were inexcusable, but the video was taken out of context and the dog wasn’t harmed. We hear from both sides, and talk about the roles and rights of animal actors.

Plus, Dr. Christine Garvey, D.V.M., from Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior.

Note: Dr. Meg Brooker for Canfield Vet, Dog, and Cat Hospital referred to Tufts University's Petfoodology website. For more information, click here.

Caring for a pet in an emergency can be frightening and stressful, but the Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services practice in Henrietta is open 24/7 to handle everything from ear infections to traumatic injuries. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes at the hospital and answer some common questions about emergency experiences.  

Plus, the holiday season is a popular time for families to consider bringing a new pet into the home. But is it a good idea to give pets as gifts? We’ll hear from the staff at Lollypop Farm. 

Finally,  Jackie Walker from Churchville Veterinary Hospital is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior. 

This month on Unleashed, we honor Veterans Day by telling the story of a rescue dog named Hans who is providing emotional support to local veterans.

Plus, when patients go into hospice care, their beloved pets are often left behind and families may be unable to care for them. A national organization is working to reunite patients with their pets, when the unconditional love of a dog or cat matters most. We talk to the founder of Pet Peace of Mind.

And Dr. Stephanie Ravin from Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior. Our guests:

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In this month’s episode of Unleashed, we talk about one of the most controversial topics in the feline world: declawing. There is a bill in the New York State Senate that, if passed, would prohibit declawing cats and other animals. We discuss what declawing is, the effects it has on cats, and we hear from veterinarians and cat owners on both sides of the debate.

Plus, you’ve probably heard about dogs who are trained to detect explosives or illegal drugs, but did you know there are dogs who can sniff out pollution? We go on the job with two dogs working to keep contamination and human bacteria out of the Great Lakes.

And Dr. Michelle Brownstein of Henrietta Animal Hospital is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior.

What happens when you decide to bring a feral cat into your home? We talk about how to help socialize feral cats for family life.

We also learn about Lollypop Farm’s equine program.

Dr. John Sampson, veterinarian at Greece Animal Hospital, is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior.