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Rochester Board of Education President Van White said he was “blindsided” by the resignation of superintendent Terry Dade. 

White said the board learned of Dade’s desire to leave the district on Wednesday shortly before it became public. Dade cited conflict with the board as the reason for his departure. He’s leaving on July 23, to run Cornwall’s school district downstate.

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Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that two pet cats in New York state tested positive for COVID-19.

So far, it appears that cats and ferrets are the domestic species most likely to get the novel coronavirus.

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Rochester City School Superintendent Terry Dade announced Wednesday that he’s in talks to leave the 

district after less than one year on the job. The four union leaders who represent the bulk of district employees say the district needs a state monitor now.

An educational and financial monitor was approved as part of the state budget agreement but isn’t expected to be appointed until July. 

The unions wrote a letter to Betty Rosa, the chancellor of the New York State board regents to speed up that process and if she can’t. Rochester Teachers Association president Adam Urbanski has a solution for Rosa.

University of Rochester Medical Center

Bob Filmore has late stage Alzheimer's disease. 

He was admitted to Strong Memorial Hospital to be treated for an infection. That can be stressful under normal circumstances, but in this time of coronavirus when visitors aren't allowed, everyone the patient encounters is considered a stranger wearing a mask and covered in protective gear.

Kat Schwarz

Kat Schwarz and Clayton Eddy are planning on getting married on Dec. 12.

“Having the wedding in December does make me hopeful that we will actually be able to have the wedding," Schwarz said.

The Rochester couple already put money down on the venue and the photographer. Schwarz found a dress she likes.

But it's too early to know what life will look like in eight months.

“It’s almost like 'Love in the time of Cholera,' " said Schwarz, referencing the Gabriel García Márquez novel. "Married in the time of COVID.”

Rochester Regional Health

Clif Genge does not intubate a patient or check their vital signs. He provides another kind of lifeline at Rochester General Hospital.

Genge is a palliative care chaplain.  He gives spiritual and emotional support to seriously ill patients and their families.

If necessary, he is by their side as they transition to death.

"We're always a source of peace and hope and encouragement, but even more so now because we're doing double duty," Genge said. "We're doing our own role, but we're also passing along the messages from family, as well."

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Imagine you’re in a busy hospital to be treated for COVID-19. The medical staff is overwhelmed, and things are happening quickly.

You are deaf or hard of hearing, there is no interpreter on hand, and your nurse or doctor is wearing a mask, so you can’t read their lips.

“You don’t want to be nodding your head about whether or not you have any allergies or something like that when you really don’t understand. You don’t want to be playing that guessing game,” said Gerard Buckley, president of RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

Rochester Regional Health

Melissa Bronstein is the system director for infection prevention at Rochester Regional Health.

She oversees the team in charge of keeping patients, staff, and visitors free from infections that may be caused in hospitals or other health care settings.

Under normal circumstances, that's a big job. But during a global pandemic?

Rochester Regional Health

Doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists are all on the front lines treating patients who have the new coronavirus. 

But other hospital workers are also playing critical roles.

At Rochester General Hospital, Scott Sleeper and Vic Zeno are the environmental services operations managers.

"(We) basically ensure the hospital has all the resources to maintain a clean and safe environment for all that enter the building," Zeno said.

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India Hedman’s daughter, Kaia, is sleeping. It’s Wednesday afternoon, and the 14-month-old is down for a nap.

Hedman picks her up out of her crib. Kaia’s head lolls against her mom’s shoulder. Her eyes stay closed.

“When she sleeps, she sleeps,” Hedman said.