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In the latest WXXI Business Report, Constellation Brands says even with coronavirus, its Mexican breweries are still operational and will still supply product to the U.S.

Plus, Vuzix says its virtual reality and augmented reality smart glasses are helping doctors in Thailand communicate with their patients in the hospital.  

Also, coronavirus is putting a halt to Xerox's plans to take over HP.

Tom Chiarella

If Tom Chiarella looks out the second story window of his Airbnb rental apartment, he can see the town square in Greencastle, Indiana.

Under ordinary circumstances, it would probably be a nice place to visit. The apartment is in an 18th century Victorian mercantile building located about 20 minutes south of Chiarella's home.

But these are extraordinary times. The loft has been a hideout of sorts, not a vacation rental, for the Rochester native and freelance journalist.

freeimages.com/Russell Weller

People over 70 and those with underlying medical conditions are said to be the most vulnerable to COVID-19. But a local hospital has learned that no one is impervious.

"In our ICU currently we have patients in mid-20s, mid-30s, mid-40s, and some in mid-60s and 70s, so it is affecting all age groups," said Dr. Damanpaul Sondhi, a pulmonologist for Rochester Regional Health.

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Instead of filing into courtrooms, judges, attorneys, and litigants in some civil and criminal cases are now logging onto Skype.

It's a way to keep legal proceedings moving in the age of coronavirus.

The 7th Judicial District, which covers all the state, county, town, and village courts in Monroe and seven surrounding counties, went virtual on Monday.

That means only a handful of people are in an actual courtroom for legal proceedings. The rest are on a video conference call and only for cases that are deemed essential.

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting small businesses hard, incluidng the Finger Lakes wine industry.

Also, Constellation Brands is looking at other options for increasing its brewing capacity in Mexico after a plant expansion plan was rejected. 

Plus, Wegmans changes plans for a new store in Westchester County due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Golisano Children's Hospital staff

As hospitals work to make room for an anticipated wave of COVID-19 patients in the coming weeks, some parts of their operations have become eerily empty.

In the pediatric emergency department at Golisano Children’s Hospital, there’s still a dull hum of machinery under the intermittent beeps of monitors. But Dr. Elizabeth Murray says it’s a far cry from the usual cacophony.

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Dr. Christopher Cove specializes in procedures to open blocked arteries and implant devices to prevent heart failure.

He's trying to avoid in-office visits in order to avoid exposing patients and staff to COVID-19.  Instead, he uses a telemedicine platform to check in with patients.

"They actually can even send us pictures of things they're concerned about," Cove explained. "We have a lot of patients who have blood pressure (machines) at home and patients will take their blood pressure while I'm talking to them."

In the latest WXXI Business Report, the CEO of Paychex explains how the company has offered to help distribute payments to Americans if the direct payments are part of the final relief package approved by Congress.

Plus, the CEO of Constellation Brands puts out a statement how about the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the company. He does explain one way the Constellation Brands business has changed: Demand has shifted from bars and restaurants to grocery and convenience stores.

And, find out which iconic Rochester building has been sold.

photo provided by Deborah Rosen

Schools have been closed since Monday. On Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo mandated that all non-essential travel be put to a halt, and for employees to work from home with the exemption of healthcare workers and others whose work is deemed essential. That includes Monroe County's Child Protective Services.

Deputy Monroe County Executive Corinda Crossdale says that so far there are no indications that child abuse and exploitation are increasing as social distancing requires families to stay home.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office

New York has now followed California and is ordering that as of 8 p.m. Sunday, all state residents must stop going to work and stay in their homes unless they are working at jobs considered essential, or they need groceries, medicine or gasoline.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he needed to take the step in order to curb the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

“This is the most drastic action we can take,” Cuomo said.