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Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, February 25th

Feb 24, 2014

12 noon: Creating a more skeptical America with author Guy Harrison

1pm: Momentum for the Compassionate Care Act and medical marijuana

Coming up on Connections: Monday, February 24th

Feb 23, 2014

12 noon: Exploring a brutal murder with the neuropsychologist who analyzed the killer.

1pm: Examining the costs and potential benefits of educating prison inmates.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks joined host Evan Dawson on 'Connections' on Wednesday for an hour, discussing a number of topics including the controversy over Local Development Corporations; county taxes; COMIDA and state mandates.

Carly Morgan/Carlete Cleare / WXXI News

On Connections with Evan Dawson, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks defended the practice of county government using Local Development Corporations, or LDCs, to handle projects. An LDC is a not-for-profit private company, often created by the government to manage government projects. Four people, including Brooks' husband Bob Wiesner, are charged in a recent investigation into LDCs. The allegations include bid rigging and abuse of taxpayer dollars. 

Would You Let Your Child Play Football?

Feb 4, 2014
UR Medicine

With the hard hitting action that happens in football, would you let your child play? A recent Wall Street Journal poll shows that 40 percent of parents would not let their kids play football for fear of suffering a concussion. On Tuesday's Connections, Evan Dawson talked with UR Medicine concussion expert Dr. Jeff Bazarian to discuss the effects of concussions not only in youth football, but all youth sports.

More than 27,000 people around the world have signed up for the free online Beatles music class conducted by the University of Rochester’s Professor John Covach.

The class starts on February 9, which is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The University of Rochester is hosting a number of free events surrounding the anniversary, culminating in the launch of the class.

Monday on Connections, we discussed the suicide of inventor Dr. Essay Anne Vanderbilt and the ramifications for the transgender community.

ESPN’s Grantland.com ran a story about Dr. V earlier this month; she committed suicide after the ESPN writer uncovered her transgender status and said he would write about it.

Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, January 22nd

Jan 22, 2014
University of Rochester

12 Noon: The future of corrective eye surgery: Fixing our eyes without cutting the cornea

1pm: Livable communities: Where we're succeeding, and where we're failing.


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