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First hour: Members of Rochester City Council discuss protests following Daniel Prude's death

Second hour: Previewing the 2020 Rochester Fringe Festival

We continue our conversation issues surrounding Daniel Prude, who died , We welcome members of the Rochester Police Accountability Board to discuss policing in Rochester and possible reforms. We're also joined by Rochester CITY Newspaper reporter Gino Fanelli, who discusses his recent piece examining 50 years of police reform in Rochester.

Our guests:

  • Shani Wilson, chair of the Rochester Police Accountability Board
  • Danielle Tucker, member of the Rochester Police Accountability Board
  • Drorah Setel, member of the Rochester Police Accountability Board
  • Gino Fanelli, reporter for Rochester CITY Newspaper

The death of Daniel Prude in Rochester police custody has sparked local demonstrations and outreach across the country. Connections is devoting both hours to this story. In our first hour, we hear from community leaders who have been calling for various reforms. They respond to the mayor's claims that she had to keep this case quiet, along with her claims that Rochester does not have the problems that other cities have when it comes to policing. We also discuss other possible reforms.

Our guests:


First hour: Community leaders discuss the death of Daniel Prude and policing in Rochester

Second hour: PAB members discuss policing in Rochester

The Rochester Teachers Association advocated for a full remote learning schedule to open the school year. That's exactly what the district decided to do. It makes Rochester the only district in Monroe County without any in-person learning this fall. There have been mixed reactions, with some parents saying that this puts predominantly Black and brown children at a disadvantage.

Our guests discuss the decision and the plans for the fall:

freeimages.com/Shamseer Sureach Kumar

First hour: Discussing the RCSD's decision to begin the school year fully remote

Second hour: Understanding the impact of climate change migration (*This discussion will be rescheduled due to breaking news.)

It's the time of year for political yard signs and flags, but this election season feels different. Neighbors tell us that political signs elicit powerful emotions, sometimes anger. And some listeners tell us they are afraid to put up political signs because they don’t know how their neighbors will react.

We talk about the psychology of political signs and why they feel so divisive this time around. Our guests:

  • Seth Steinehour, Rochester resident
  • Andrea Holland, Rochester resident
  • Eric, Rochester resident
  • Terry, Rochester resident

September 8 marks the first day of school for students in the Pittsford Central School District. Administrators, teachers, and families have spent the summer preparing for students to be back in the classroom – either in-person or remotely.

This hour, we continue our series of conversations with local superintendents about reopening schools. We’re joined by Pittsford Central School District Superintendent Mike Pero, who shares his district’s plans for learning models, masking, testing, and more. Our guest:

  • Mike Pero, superintendent of the Pittsford Central School District

First hour: Pittsford Central School District Superintendent Mike Pero on reopening

Second hour: Discussing the psychology of political signs

We talk to students about going back to school. The students range in age from elementary level to high school. Some are returning to the physical classrooms; others are not.

We talk to the students about what they feel like they need most in this new pandemic school year. Our guests:

  • Gwen, rising fourth grader at Klem Road South Elementary School in Webster
  • Randell Warren, rising freshman at UPrep Rochester
  • Paige O’Malley, rising freshman at Minerva DeLand 9th Grade School in Fairport
  • Oscar Merulla-Bonn, rising seventh grader at Twelve Corners Middle School in Brighton
  • Christian Hartman, rising fifth grader at Thornell Road Elementary School in Pittsford
  • Bilene Ugine, rising sixth grader at East Rochester Middle Level Academy
  • Lucia Ruderman, rising fourth grader at Genesee Community Charter School
  • Ana Sinha, rising fourth grader at The Harley School