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First hour: An update on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and lessons that may be applicable to the coronavirus pandemic

Second hour: Discussing Indigenous art and anti-racist education

"I Was Their American Dream" is a graphic novel by NPR deputy editor Malaka Gharib. Gharib is Egyptian-Filipina-American and grew up with her immigrant parents in California. Her book explores her multicultural identity and how she felt she had to adapt to different traditions, languages, and religions with the different people in her life.

Nguyên Khôi Nguyễn, also an author, can relate. His work focuses on his identity as Vietnamese-American.

Both Gharib and Nguyễn join us this hour to share their stories and to discuss what it means to be a first-generation American in 2020. Our guests:

First hour: How can Democrats win back rural support?* (This discussion will be rescheduled.)

Second hour: What does it mean to be first-generation American in 2020?


First and Second Hours: Best of the Best: Third Coast International Audio Festival


First and Second Hours: Turkey Confidential 2020

The holidays will look different this year for many families. How are children handling that and all of the changes that have come with the pandemic? What can caregivers and educators do to recognize when kids may be struggling?

We talk with the experts about how to help children understand their emotions during this difficult time. Our guests:

  • JoAnne Pedro-Carroll, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, author, and speaker
  • Melanie Funchess, director of community engagement and family support at the Mental Health Association of Rochester, and member of the Black Healers Network
  • Brian Wray, award-winning children's book author

Are food delivery apps hurting restaurants? Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart has announced legislation that would cap how much third-party vendors, like Grubhub and Uber Eats and DoorDash, can charge businesses. Under the measure, delivery fees would be limited to 15 percent, and fees associated with customers using their apps for takeout services would be limited to 5 percent. The companies would also be prohibited from garnishing driver’s wages to make up any difference in profit.

This is a desperate time for restaurant owners, who say this move will make an impact. Food delivery companies oppose it.

Our guests:

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First hour: Are food delivery apps hurting restaurants?

Second hour: How to help children understand their emotions during the pandemic

Is it time to abolish the Electoral College? The question gained traction after the 2016 election, and has been the subject of heated debate in this election cycle.

Some critics say the Electoral College is an antiquated, undemocratic process that promotes minority rule. Some supporting it say it counteracts human impulses and protects the nation from dangers inherent in democracy.

We discuss the issue from several angles with our guests:

  • Allen Guelzo, director of the Initiative on Politics and Statesmanship for the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, and senior research scholar in the Council of the Humanities at Princeton University
  • Joseph Burgess, data curator for the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University

On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that parts of Monroe County have reached Orange Zone status. The designation comes with restrictions that go into effect on Wednesday. Businesses deemed high-risk and non-essential -- such as personal care salons, barber shops, and gyms -- must close. Restaurants will be limited to outdoor dining, delivery, and takeout. Schools will close to in-person instruction until they meet testing requirements.

This hour, our guests help us understand the new restrictions and the impact they will have on communities. Our guests:

  • Bob Duffy, Finger Lakes reopening advisor to Governor Cuomo, and president and CEO of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
  • Dave Seeley, Irondequoit Town Supervisor
  • Bill Moehle, Brighton Town Supervisor
  • Willie Lightfoot, president of the United Professional Barbers and Cosmetologists Association (UPBCA), Inc., and vice president of Rochester City Council