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First hour: How to have productive conversations about the climate crisis

Second hour: Local female veterans discuss the challenges they face

We sit down with Princeton University history professor, Julian Zelizer. Zelizer is a scholar of American political history, with a focus on the second half of the 20th century and the 21st century. He joins us to discuss the roots of President Trump in American politics, the current impeachment inquiry, and his thoughts on the impact of this most recent election in states like Virginia and Kentucky, where Democrats won big. He's in Rochester for a presentation at the University of Rochester.

In studio:

  • Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University

A new play on stage at the JCC CenterStage is generating conversations about race in America. “Division Street” is the latest project by playwright Jason Odell Williams. It tells the story of an interracial couple in Hollywood after the white husband is nominated for a Golden Globe for playing a racist police officer.

The play explores a range of issues, including race relations, cultural appropriation, and which voices are elevated in Hollywood and how. We discuss those issues with our guests:

First hour: Discussing the JCC play, "Division Street"

Second hour: Princeton University history professor Julian Zelizer on the roots of Donald Trump's presidency

We examine the impact of a historic night in Monroe County politics. Democrats have won the top seat in the county for the first time in three decades, but they fell one seat short of taking control of the County Legislature.

We sit down with the two Democrats who flipped seats to discuss how they plan to work with Republicans on priorities like taxes, child care, and more. In studio: 

This week, another Latin American country announced it would stop recognizing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and start recognizing the leader of the opposition, Juan Guaido. The presidential crisis has consumed the country for most of this year.

The Rochester Committee on Latin America has invited Steve Ellner, an author and scholar on the region, to Rochester to discuss one of the most controversial political hot spots in the world. He'll give a presentation for ROCLA Wednesday evening. Ellner is our guest for the hour. In studio:

  • Steve Ellner, author, associate managing editor of the Journal of Latin American Perspectives, and retired professor 
  • Vic Vinky, member of ROCLA's Steering Committee


First hour: Discussing the presidential crisis in Venezuela 

Second hour: Examining the impact of Tuesday's election results

New polling from six battleground states finds good news for President Trump, and challenging news for Democrats hoping to win the White House. The New York Times finds that among Democratic voters, there is a generational divide: older Democrats want a safe candidate like Joe Biden, and they want to return to how Washington used to be. Younger Democrats want a change candidate who can help remake what Washington is all about.

We discuss the 2020 election with our guests:

What is the so-called “school-to-prison pipeline”? Local organizations are planning a town hall event to educate the community about their concerns. It starts with school discipline, suspension levels, and expulsion.

Our guests make their case for changing how students are disciplined:


First hour: Discussing the "school-to-prison pipeline"

Second hour: Local Democrats discuss the party's generational divide