Xerox unveils new ad; executives ring the opening bell on the NYSE

Jan 4, 2017

Xerox officials are talking about something new and something old as executives on Wednesday got to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Credit Xerox

The honor went to Jeff Jacobson, the new CEO of Xerox and other members of his team, as the company has now officially split into two businesses, one called, Xerox, that will focus on document technology and the other called Conduent, which will concentrate on business services.

During an interview on CNBC, Jacobson did not offer specifics when asked about possible job cuts at Xerox, but rather wanted to focus on overall productivity

“if you look at some of our productivity actions, it’s how do we provide remote connectivity so that we don’t have to send a service technician there, but we’re interfacing with the customer’s device from a security standpoint; how do we drive productivity in our manufacturing operations supply chain, that’s what we’re really looking at."

Also Xerox has just released a new commercial, a takeoff on the iconic Brother Dominic spot that debuted 40 years ago, when a monk turned to the Xerox copier to duplicate his manuscripts.

In the new commercial, he is able to translate, personalize and securely share his creation digitally all over the world.

CEO Jeff Jacobson says Xerox expects to launch a number of new products this year.

“We’re coming out in the middle of 2017 with the largest product launch in the history of Xerox, 29 new products, for a 110 year old company, that’s a pretty substantial statement to make.”