Xerox moves leave some employees feeling unsettled

May 2, 2018

The sudden news about sweeping changes in Xerox’s management ranks has left a lot of questions as well as unsettling feelings for some employees.  

With the surprise announcement Tuesday night that Xerox CEO Jeff  Jacobson is stepping down, along with the board of directors Chairman and several other directors, it has raised questions about where the company goes from here. 

The agreement between Xerox officials and two major shareholders also puts the possible takeover by Fuji up in the air as well.

Gary Bonadonna Jr. is manager of the Rochester Regional Joint Board which is the umbrella organization for Local 14A, which represents about 500 local Xerox workers.

He says the announcement about the management changes does make some employees nervous.

“Lot of history here in Webster and they work their butts off and they want some security and some knowing that, hey, my job’s going to be here next year, two years, three years, however long,” Bonadonna told WXXI News.

He says the top management changes also changes the dynamic of the relationship with management.

“It’s just tough because from a personal relationship perspective, I had got off on the right foot with Jeff Jacobson, the CEO who had just resigned, and we were optimistic with the Fuji deal because we had the relationships with the Xerox side.”

Bonadonna says he will work to establish a relationship with the new CEO, John Visentin. He also says the union remains steadfast in its efforts to continue to advocate for the jobs in Webster.  

Bob Duffy is President and CEO of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. He says at this point, he’s feeling okay because of discussions he had with some Xerox officials.

“My conversations I had today (Wednesday) with key Xerox executives here was, not to be concerned, this is an internal matter and that their customers, clients, and for us, our community and our region should not be concerned.”

Xerox employs about 3,300 locally, mostly in Webster. Earlier this year it was announced that employees still working in the Xerox Tower downtown would move to the Webster campus by the end of the year.