Xerox Looks At Possible Toner Plant Expansion

Jul 12, 2013

Xerox is talking about the possibility of expanding its toner plant in Webster. But not everyone in that town things that is necessarily a good thing.

The concerns have been expressed by Town Supervisor Ron Nesbitt.  Even though Xerox is looking at a potential $35 million upgrade of its toner facilities, which would create 25 permanent jobs and 70 construction jobs, they also want tax incentives.

Xerox spokesman Bill McKee says the company is just investigating whether it could get some of the tax breaks that are available in this region.

"We’re asking COMIDA to consider that possibility, of tax incentives, that would make this more economically feasible and if we choose to build in Webster, that means jobs here in Webster, " McKee told WXXI News.

The town supervisor has been quoted as saying that he's upset Xerox has applied for sales and property tax exemptions at the same time the company is suing the town to try and reduce its property tax assessment.

McKee says the assessment case is separate from whatever incentives the company is seeking for the possible toner plant expansion. Xerox says it is also looking at other possible locations around the world for the expansion.