Xerox to lay off 100 people, including some in the Rochester area

Sep 18, 2017

Xerox is laying off some employees in the Rochester area and in other locations.

The company released a statement Monday saying that approximately 100 employees in Rochester, Webster, Wilsonville, Oregon and Lewisville, Texas have been notified.  Employees whose jobs may be impacted in the UK have also been notified.

The company did not break down how many of those affected jobs are in the Rochester area.

Xerox’s statement from spokesman Bill McKee says that the company is continuing restructuring activities as identified through recent earnings announcements. He says members of the Xerox Information Management Group and the Finance Group in Monroe County and other locations were told that a number of  positions would be eliminated.

Xerox says it is part of an initiative to make the company more efficient and responsive to its  markets.

The statement says that, “Every decision is a difficult one and we understand the impact on individuals.”

Back in May, Xerox announced that as part of its strategic transformation, it will be closing some supply chain operations at a warehouse in Webster, affecting about  177 workers.