Xerox employees are out of the Tower; now the logo is gone too

Jul 2, 2018

The former Xerox Tower building is now officially on the market.  The company's lease of that 30-story building ended on June 30th, and the remaining Xerox employees who had been working there have all been moved to the company's Webster campus.

On Monday, workers were removing the Xerox name and logo off that iconic building.  The 30-story building is the tallest in Rochester, and one of the tallest in New York State outside of New York City.

In recent months, Xerox employees had only occupied about half of the building which is now owned by Buckingham Properties.

Rich Finley is President and Chief Operating Officer of Buckingham Properties. He says his company has now officially listed the former Xerox Tower building for lease or sale, and has already had some interest.

Finley says any potential use for the building will be considered, but Buckingham will be careful about whatever deal they eventually sign.

“We want to make sure that whatever we do, we do it right. We just have such a substantial investment downtown and consider the city to be great partners of ours, so whatever we do, we want to make sure it’s the right thing.” Finley says there already has been interest in the building.

Buckingham Properties also is involved in the development of Tower280 and Legacy Tower, the former Bausch and Lomb building, which are near the former Xerox Tower.