WXXI's Arts & Life

Aug 23, 2018

Arts & Life is one of our news focuses at WXXI. From harnessing the musical knowledge from reporters like Jeff Spevak, Brenda Tremblay, Julia Figueras, and Mona Seghatoleslami, to our television products that focus on various lifestyles and the arts, WXXI is the place to turn for arts & life news.

Our coverage includes:

Music & Arts coverage by Jeff Spevak

News features focused on the arts by Brenda Tremblay, Mona Seghatoleslami, Julia Figueras and others.

Backstage Pass on Classical 91.5

Live from Hochstein on Classical 91.5

Open Tunings with Scott Regan on WRUR 88.5 FM

Movies and events at The Little Theatre

Showcasing artists on Arts in Focus

Diving into the craft beer scene on Brewed in New York