WXXI-TV launches a new channel dedicated to kids programming

Feb 1, 2017

WXXI-TV has launched WXXI Kids 24/7, a full-time PBS KIDS channel available on TV and via live streaming on digital platforms.

The free service can be seen now on WXXI-TV 21.4.

WXXI Kids 24/7 is also available right now as a live stream on pbskids.org and on the free PBS KIDS Video App for mobile and tablet devices.

It will also be on Time Warner Cable channel 1277, but that launch did not happen on Wednesday as scheduled due to technical issues. Spectrum/Time Warner tells us they expect the cable channel to be active in the overnight hours, early Thursday morning.

“WXXI has been part of our community for more than 50 years, delivering programs and services that parents trust,” said WXXI President Norm Silverstein. “We are excited to build on the work we do every day for Rochester’s families by adding this new 24/7 channel to our offerings.”

Silverstein says there really is demand for a full-time kids channel in the Rochester area. “People have said, well, why do you need it late at night or overnight ? It’s going to be available for kids who might be in a hospital, kids with special needs, parents with newborn or very young children; a place that parents can feel good , is always there, always a safe haven for their children." 

Later this year, the live stream will introduce a first-of-its kind integrated games feature.

Silverstein says the new channel also supplements educational efforts going on locally as part of the anti-poverty initiative.

“We know, right now, that in places where people may not be able to afford cable, which could be the center city and in many rural areas, they are watching over the air, and this is free and it is universally available so we’re thrilled to be offering it.”

WXXI’s Create channel, WXXI-TV 21.3 and cable 1276, which featured PBS Kids programming daily from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., will now provide lifestyle programming 24 hours a day.

WXXI’s main PBS channel, WXXI-TV 21.1 and cable 11, will continue to feature 11 hours of kids programming daily along with dramas, local documentaries, arts, nature, and public affairs programs.

The schedule of children’s programming on WXXI-TV will be different from WXXI Kids 24/7.

Viewers can find local station schedule information here: WXXI.org/kids247.